Monday, 25 November 2013

Lost Sands Character Designing

 So as part of my second year we have to be assitant artists to the third year films. I've been put on a stop motion adventure, "Lost Sands". A film in the same vien as an Indiana Jones adventure where the hero Arthur James seeks a treasure that his long lost father went looking for. Our director Aaron had already pretty much got the design of Arthur down, but his father still needed some designing.

Initially the father was going to use the exact same armiture as arthur, so i kept the design similar in face and body shape, adding different hair and clothes to show a difference in time and age of the characters. Here are my first few concepts.

These designs were appreciated by the team, feleing we were going int he right kind of direction, Aaron like where I had taken the hair on his head, and face. Though maybe not such a big beard because it made him seem to old.

Following a design Aaron posted on facebook I knocked out that one above ont he left. Hear he looks nearer the age Aaron was looking for. The one jsut right of it wasw to test out some clothes ideas. Later on it was decided to make Arthurs character a bit younger and scrawnier and his father would be tougher and more angular, like he was the real Indiana jones, who had gone missing. Keeping with similar themes and styles I worked to make a tougher slightly younger version of the Father. He was to be out of adventure mode, Bruce Wayne, not batman.

So I worked though a few ideas going back and forth to Aaron and Thomas ( another 3rd year team member) we managed to settle on a look that was just old enough before appearing to old, just tought enough and just intellectual enough. So I drew up a more final design and then put it inot photoshop to add some colour. Here he is. The clothes are still a bit in flux as we finalise designs, but its all stareting to come together. Can't wait to start seeing the film come to life.

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