Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Artist study and stuff

 This week I have been working on my artist study for my degree. We ahve to take an artist or two ( or three) and try and mimic certain approaches and techniques they use, in an effort to improve our artistic vocabulary. I've started with comic book artist Frank Miller, notably Sin City, though I have looked at Dark Knight Returns and 300.  Here are some studies of his work. 
 Then I tried my hand at a rough study in ink of a page from "that Yellow Bastard"

 AFter I applied the same scrally sketch style in my life drawing session. Using big blocks of black ink to create that Sin City dramatic lighting effect. The model couldnt hold poses as dramatic and comic book-y as I would have liked, so in some cases I exagerated the pose and her form. Tried to make her look more Miller-esk.

 The last one I did was a 30 minute long pose. Felt it came out pretty well. Obviously my brush work isnt perfect yet so it doesnt look as perfect as the books do. So I put it into photshop and cleaned it up a bit.

And Finally I thought I'd also share a couple more tribesman concepts, and a little tune I made a while back. Enjoy!

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