Thursday, 7 November 2013

Character Design Workshop

Last couple of weeks we had this character designer, Gillian Reed come into uni and show us her process for designing chracters.  First we just had to think of a character and a hobby. All i could think of was an alcoholic cat.  Having suffered the loss of his 93 year old owner Murial, he  resorted to a life on the street, getting drunk on super skol and white lighting, living off borrowed fags, and developing a dibilitating addiction to "the Nip", This is Skag Kat.

We were told to keep it loose, and keep it simple to start with. Just shapes, try and find a body shape that we felt embodied the character well. The one I liked I added a little more detail. You can probably pick him out below.

Next in the process, still keeping it simple, without detail, we had to sketch out some poses and actions that best describe the character. Using props if needed. I felt fags, cans and tesco bags being appropriate for a cat on the street.

Some more poses I did which I then put into photshop to experiment with colour. Starting to add more detail tho still working out some things.

Then we moved onto facial expressions. Emoting is pretty key so you wanna make sure you got  character who can actually express what he is feeling, especially in the the action heavy world of animation. Also it helps finalise facial features and head shape. Here I struggled....

...but it all came together in the end for the final part, the turnaround. Helps us see the character in three dimensions. Also if he was to ever be animated, makes it alot easier for the animator.
So here he is- Skag Kat, hes just trying to get by...

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