Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I blog, you blog, we all blog for...wait..

So I got told to make a blog to present and share my work over the internet. So first I'll start with a little retrospective. I was born on the first day of the ninth month,  one thousand, nine hundred and ninety-one years anno domini. Despite the use of timekeeping lingo, I, am not a Christian  But I do think Jesus had some nice things to say. Anyway I am getting away from myself. I was born in Kent, in the South-East of England. My interests include astro physics, ancient history and mythology, electronic music, non- electronic music, music that is both electronic and acoustic at the same time, good films, mind altering substances and fine dining.
My main life goal since I was about 3 or something was to direct films. I wasn't too sure what a director really did, but it seemed like a cool idea and it stuck with me. Of course over the years I have had my dream over shadowed by lesser dreams of being a rockstar/pro skater/ radical artist/political activist/games designer/graphic novel writer etc. but the part of me never stopped loving the motion picture. It is for this I went to study animation procution at the Arts university bournemouth (previously arts university college bournemouth, previous arts institute bournemouth...).

Since this is my first blog post, and I did mention it would be a retrospective, I will start you off with the only two pieces of creative work I have done to date, that I am currently proud of. Hopefully this pride will continue after I surpass their standard, or at least give me something to look back on when all my artistic dream has been overshadowed by drug addiction or amputation or something.

First is an LP I made in 2011 entitled Nuts n Bolts. I made this album  in a pretty depressing 6 month period of my life when i had no job and no school to occupy my day, just dark thoughts of self loathing. Oh and at the time i drew a lot of sad robots. It kind of filtered into everything I would do for the next two years.
Here is a link to said album, as well as a handy player:


Next, the first ever film I made. And the last ever as of the time of writing...kind of wanna make another. Made this for my art foudnation FMP ( or final major project to you people studying books for your degrees). I wrote the music first, then built the storyboard and animatic around the song, then spent fucking ages animating it, then even longer tracing each frame in oil pastel. I got my friend Ed to translate this bit I'd written into his mother tounge, recorded him saying it in his halls room at uni before bunning a zoot. In fact quite a lot of the colouring for this film was done after bunning a zoot. It was a wonder I got it done.

This is the begining, I will be posting up much more of my work over the coming, er, lifetime. So like, watch this space __________________________ ....okay that was a joke, I also like to joke.... 

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